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Founder & CEO | Front End Developer, Film Maker & Online Marketer

As a passionate Front End Developer [2015], Film Maker [2014], and Marketer [2012], Lana wants to find new ways to produce and display digital and visual tales by good cooperation and freedom for the artists to act out.
Lana is teaching Basic Front End Code Courses since 2016.
Her BA in Philosophy and Gender Studies lies ground for the fundamental values and not-for-profit side projects of LYNX TALE.


Videographer & Photographer

Aura's Website

AURA is an irreplaceable videographer and photographer. Her close and open communication, makes her protagonist perform in a calm and focused mind, whilst opening up their inner selves. This and her unique technique helps the depth and light come through in all her images.



With her background in Graphic Design, Maja offers all kinds of Design Services (logo, video design, stop motion animation). Her curiosity for Web Design enables her to explore and invent new designs to fit our partners' needs.


Business Advisor & Online Marketer

With over 10 years of experience in various businesses, with focus on Online Marketing and Sales, and his MBA, Dzima plays the main role when it comes to developing marketing strategies for our partners and managing our sales team.