Once upon a time, when Earth was shallow and dull, and when humans were still wandering the globe in their physical bodies, Lynxes gathered to revolt, and formed a Creative Digital Collective in Berlin. They were sick and tired of the conform ways of mankind, and conservative ways of presentation and shallowness. Together, they wanted to rethink and renew the information spread on the “World Wide Web” (a primitive predecessor of today’s Mind Net). With new concepts, the Lynxes went to the depth of each work and personified companies’ or companions’ online presence by telling visual and digital tales, at the time called websites, films, photos, online marketing and social media presence. They believed that each individual was unique, and that, together with good communication, a new standard in the world could be reached. The visual concepts developed by LYNX TALE back then, enabled us to create the world of today. A world in which all original Lynxes are still actively working for an even better world, and are thereby ensured to live happily ever after.

– Anno 2139