Digital Advertising

Online Presence through Digital Marketing and on Social Media was crucial for the world’s companies at the time, as they had to sell goods and services in order to give themselves and their staff money, in order to be able to buy physical living space and food for them to survive and multiply. By using the newest technologies, various channels were used to visualize yourself online. Some of the best performing ad types at the time were video and photo advertising and dynamic search ads on Google. Lynxes took a close look at their partners and conceptualized interesting, attractive and individualized advertisements and social media presence.

"We produce long-term creative strategies for prospecting and existing customers. Creative maintenance includes data-driven ad rotation/update (stock or in-house material), production of seasonal and thematic ad copy and conversion rate optimization hacks.

In order to achieve the desired ROIs, we make pragmatic, data-driven optimization decisions towards the monthly target KPIs. We prepare relevant weekly and monthly management reports and share with our partners to deliver highest level of transparency. Our specialty is bidding and on-page CVR optimization.

At Lynx Tale, we believe that the key to scale is sustainability, hence every tech effort is clean, durable and scalable with a focus on future. We are here for you to set-up your marketing accounts, create tracking and naming convention to ensure smooth data transfer to your CRM systems and take you to the next level business intelligence."

- Dzima